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Boarders of the 60's Reunion 2018 

This reunion now takes place every 2 years and will be held at the Sexey's Arms, Blackford on Sunday, September 30th (this being the last Sunday in the month).Please arrive around midday so we can have our lunch at 1pm. I look forward to seeing you all there. If you boarded at any time during the 1960's even if you finished boarding in 1960 please feel free to attend (If you haven't attended before please email me on oldsexonians@hotmail.co.uk so I can book a table for the right number) This is a small reunion of around 8-10 of us and includes having Sunday lunch at the Sexey's Arms - other halves are very welcome!!




 Annual Brent House Reunion, 2019


This will take place on Monday, May 13th  - more details to follow.