As an 'Old Sexonian' I'm sure you have enjoyed some or all of the aspects of this website, whether its been discovering some of the history of the school or finding pictures of yourself and friends when we were all so much younger - I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing the pictures and reading the memories of every one of the contributors which have helped bring the Grammar school back to life.  Needless to say this website is primarily about children, the majority of whom have led pleasant and rewarding lives untouched by the effects of war, serious illness or abuse. Here is an opportunity to donate money to a number of registered children's charities who deal with children who  have been affected by some or all of those things mentioned. This web-page has been 'on the drawing board' for some time now and I have decided to release it on the eve of the site's 4th anniversary, May 1st 2012.  It shows six registered children's charities all of which can be donated to online or over the phone. Many (if not all ) also accept donations by texting on a mobile phone which is a very simple way of giving smaller 'one-off' donations - Martyn James


Here are the live links to six children's charities - some help children within the UK and some spread their help worldwide. Please click on the links to see the great work that these charities carry out and, needless to say, feel free to make any donations you can manage. - Martyn James

Other than appearing on this webpage there is no other link between myself and these charities, whatsoever - Martyn James.